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Baby Names starting with "C"

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The most popular names starting with A in the U.S. are currently Amelia, Ava, Abigail, Avery, Aria, Alexander, Asher, Aiden, Anthony, and Andrew.

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Some recent celebrity baby names starting with A include:
Abram Shay Mooney, son of Shay Mooney and Hannah Billingsley
Arlo Cook, son of Julia Stiles and Preston J. Cook
Axton Anders Cuevas, son of Mark Cuevas and Aubrey Rainey
Airr Larry Petrakova Parker, son of Candace Parker and Anya Petrakova
Abel Jacob Bowen, son of Olivia Bowen and Alex Bowen
Aoife Beatrix Sullivan, daughter of Chris Sullivan and Rachel Sullivan
Augustine Boone Foehner, son of Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner
Aire Webster, son of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
Adyn Aubrey Johnson, son of Taylor Townsend
Adelaide Meyers, daughter of Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe
Axel Lee Spratt, daughter of Dalen Spratt and Stacey Nicole Lee

Name Religion Meaning
Cadee Christian One who is round / of the cask
Cadence Christian Hip
Cadie Christian A form of kady
Cadyna Christian A form of cadence
Cailyn Christian Lass/ Girl
Caitlin Christian Virginal
Caitlynn Christian Pure
Cakshaya Hindu White Rose indicating simplicity
Cala Muslim Strong
Calee Christian One who is manly and strong / a free man
Caleigh Christian Beauty
Cali Christian  
Caliana Muslim A moorish princess
Calista Christian Most beautiful
Calisto Christian Most Beautiful or Pretty
Calla Christian,
Strong, Beautiful
Calle Christian One who is manly and strong / a free man
Callee Christian One who is manly and strong / a free man
Calleigh Christian She Is the Little One Who Is the Most Beautiful
Calli Christian Fortress
Callista Christian Most beautiful
Camelia Christian Flower
Camila Christian In Latin it means '"young ceremonial attendant". The name also has Arabic origin meaning 'Perfect, complete'.
Camilla Christian,
Camille Christian,
Swift runner, Great innocence, Servant, Helper
Camini Christian Careful meticulous person
Camron Christian Her Nose Goes Its Own Way
Camryn Christian Her Nose Goes Its Own Way
Canaka Hindu Gold
Candace Christian Fire-white, Pure, Unsullied, Glowing girl, Incandescent
Candela Christian Candle
Candice Christian Sparkling or shine
Candis Christian She Is the Queen Mother
Candiss Christian Pure or glowing
Cansu Christian Spirit or soul of life
Cantara Muslim Bridge
Caoimhe Christian One who is charming and beautiful
Cara Christian,
Dear one
Caralyn Christian A form of caroline
Carelyn Christian A form of caroline
Cariline Christian Feminine Strength
Carilyn Christian A form of caroline
Carina Christian Dearest
Carine Christian Cheerful child of love
Carinna Christian A bride
Carissa Christian Beloved
Carita Christian Giving, Loved
Caritas Christian Love
Carla Christian A free woman
Carlee Christian Darling
Carleen Christian A form of caroline
Carleigh Christian A form of carly
Carlena Christian A form of caroline
Carlene Christian Sweet
Carli Christian A form of carly
Carlie Christian A form of carly
Carlla Christian A free woman
Carly Christian,
Carmalita Christian Vineyard or means growth
Carmela Christian Fruitful
Carmen Christian Crimson
Carmiela Jewish Garden girl
Carmina Christian Melody or Song
Carole Christian A joyous song
Carolin Christian A lady of strong character
Carolina Christian,
Caroline Christian,
Petite woman, Strong, Virile
Carollyn Christian Joyous song ; a small , strong woman
Carollynn Christian Joyous song ; a small , strong woman
Carolyn Christian,
Carolyne Christian A form of caroline
Carolynn Christian A form of caroline
Caron Christian,
Giving heart
Carra Christian One who is dearly loved / a good friend
Carri Christian Dear
Carrie Christian Joyful song
Carrina Christian A bride
Carrolyn Christian Joyous song ; a small , strong woman
Carry Christian She Is Our Beloved Warrior
Carryn Christian Pure
Caryn Christian,
Carynn Christian Pure
Carys Jewish Love
Caryss Christian One who loves and is loved
Casee Christian Brave
Cashielda Christian A safe place to stay
Cason Christian Seer, Spirited
Cassandra Christian Unheeded prophetess, Insightful
Cassee Christian Brave
Cassia Christian Spicy, Cinnamon
Cassondra Christian Variation: cassandra
Cataleya Christian  
Catalina Pure
Cate Christian She Is the Little Pure- Hearted One
Catharine Christian A clear and pure character
Catherin Christian  
Catherine Christian,
Catheryn Christian A form of catherine
Cathleen Christian,
Pure, Immaculate
Cathryn Christian,
Pure female


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