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Baby Names starting with "I"

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The most popular names starting with A in the U.S. are currently Amelia, Ava, Abigail, Avery, Aria, Alexander, Asher, Aiden, Anthony, and Andrew.

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Some recent celebrity baby names starting with A include:
Abram Shay Mooney, son of Shay Mooney and Hannah Billingsley
Arlo Cook, son of Julia Stiles and Preston J. Cook
Axton Anders Cuevas, son of Mark Cuevas and Aubrey Rainey
Airr Larry Petrakova Parker, son of Candace Parker and Anya Petrakova
Abel Jacob Bowen, son of Olivia Bowen and Alex Bowen
Aoife Beatrix Sullivan, daughter of Chris Sullivan and Rachel Sullivan
Augustine Boone Foehner, son of Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner
Aire Webster, son of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
Adyn Aubrey Johnson, son of Taylor Townsend
Adelaide Meyers, daughter of Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe
Axel Lee Spratt, daughter of Dalen Spratt and Stacey Nicole Lee

Name Religion Meaning
Iakobina Judaism It means God will bless
Iba Muslim The name of Arabic origin means'exalted, sublime and superb', 'pride'.
Ibadah Muslim Ibadah means joyous worship
Ibha Hindu Elephant
Ibidolapo Christian The child is lucky and has brought wealth to the house
Ibidun Christian One whose birth has brought happiness
Ibilola Christian The girl who has opened the door to wealth
Ibrat Muslim Ibrat is a Muslim name that means wisdom
Ibriz Muslim She who is as pure as gold
Ibthaj Muslim The girl who brings happiness to the family
Ibtihaaj Muslim Joy
Ibtihaj Muslim Joy
Ibtihal Muslim One who lives in prayer
Ibtisam Muslim One who smiles often
Ibtisama Muslim The smiling beauty
Ibukun Christian The blessed lady
Ibukunade Christian I am a proof of God's blessing
Ichcha Hindu Ichcha means wish or desire
Ichchha Hindu Ichchha means desire or need
Ichita Hindu A variant of the name Ishita which means desired one
Ida Christian,
Kind, Industrious
Idabelle Christian A combination of ida & belle
Idalina Christian A combination of ida & lina
Idalis Christian A form of ida
Ideh Christian,
Idhika Hindu Another name for parvathi
Idhitri Hindu One who praises
Idhriti Hindu Hindu word meaning 'one who has a optimistic attitude'
Idit Jewish Variant name form of Judith meaning "Woman of Judea; Praise"
Iditri Hindu The one who can compliment others
Idla Christian Battle
Idra Christian,
Rich (fig tree), Flourishes
Idun Christian The active and happy one
Idunn Christian She who is lovable
Iesha Muslim Feminine
Ifechiluru Christian The grace of God shines upon her
Ifechukwu Christian Living under the light of the Lord
Ifedayo Christian The joyous and loved one
Ifede Christian A person who is loving and caring
Ifedolaoluwa Christian When God has blessed the person with love and grace
Ifejesukristi Christian One who shines under Jesus Love
Ifelayo Christian The peaceful bliss of love
Ifeoluwapo Christian The God who loves a lot
Ifesowapo Christian Person who is made out of love
Ifeta Muslim Muslim girls name that means innocent
Ifetundun Christian The one blessed by sweet love
Ifeya Christian Ifeya means love or lovable
Iffaa Muslim One who is faithful
Iffah Muslim  
Ifza Muslim Ifza means guardian angel
Igassoĸ Christian The lady who cooks well
Igla Jewish Hebrew form of Abigail meaning "My father is Joy"
Igle Jewish Hebrew form of Abigail meaning "My father is Joy"
Iglika Christian Another name for primrose
Ignazia Christian It indicates the fire to move on in life
Iha Hindu The earth
Ihina Hindu Enthusiasm
Ihita Hindu The fierce beauty of Earth
Ihitha Hindu Desired
Ihkam Muslim One who masters perfection
Ihrin Christian The person who maintains peace
Ihuomachukwu Christian Blessed with the favor of God
Ijaya Hindu The one who offers divine education like a teacher
Ikjot Sikh The divine light of God
Ikshana Hindu Sight
Ikshitha Hindu Ikshitha is a girls name that means visible
Iksura Hindu Name of a fragrant grass
Ila Jewish Of the earth, Lovely
Ilakiya Hindu Skilled
Ilamayil Hindu Tamil name that means beautiful young peacock
Ilana Christian,
Tree, Gorgeous
Ilanit Christian,
Ilavarasi Hindu Attractive Woman
Ilde Christian Battle
Ilerioluwa Christian One who lives under the promise of the Lord
Ilhaam Muslim Intuition
Ilham Muslim Muslim name that means, 'intuition'
Iliana Christian,
Woman of Troy
Ilianna Christian Bright
Ilja Christian The God is my Saviour
Ilka Jewish Beauty
Ilke Jewish The Best; One of Superior Quality
Illa Jewish The Best; One of Superior Quality
Illiana Christian Bright
Illianna Christian Bright
Illiyeen Muslim One who is blessed with a high status
Ilyssa Christian,
Imaani Christian Believer or faith
Iman Muslim Living in the present
Imani Christian Faithful
Imanii Christian Believer or faith
Imanni Christian Believer or faith
Imanuela Christian,
Imara Muslim Ruler
Imari Christian Daughter of today
Imelda Christian Contentious
Immani Christian Believer or faith
Immogene Christian Variation: imogen
Imogen Christian,
Girl who resembles her mother
Impana Hindu One With Sweet Voice


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