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Baby Names starting with "K"

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The most popular names starting with A in the U.S. are currently Amelia, Ava, Abigail, Avery, Aria, Alexander, Asher, Aiden, Anthony, and Andrew.

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Some recent celebrity baby names starting with A include:
Abram Shay Mooney, son of Shay Mooney and Hannah Billingsley
Arlo Cook, son of Julia Stiles and Preston J. Cook
Axton Anders Cuevas, son of Mark Cuevas and Aubrey Rainey
Airr Larry Petrakova Parker, son of Candace Parker and Anya Petrakova
Abel Jacob Bowen, son of Olivia Bowen and Alex Bowen
Aoife Beatrix Sullivan, daughter of Chris Sullivan and Rachel Sullivan
Augustine Boone Foehner, son of Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner
Aire Webster, son of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
Adyn Aubrey Johnson, son of Taylor Townsend
Adelaide Meyers, daughter of Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe
Axel Lee Spratt, daughter of Dalen Spratt and Stacey Nicole Lee

Name Religion Meaning
Kaajal Hindu Eye-liner
Kaala Christian A princess ; lady
Kaali Indian Hindu Goddess who is the counterpart of Shiva the destroyer.
Kaamla Muslim Perfect
Kaanchana Hindu Gold
Kaandhal Hindu Attractive
Kaara Christian One who is pure / dearly loved / a good friend
Kaari Christian A small and srong woman
Kaashvi Hindu A shining man
Kaayla Christian A stylish man
Kadambari Hindu Goddess saraswati, novel, nightingale bird ( the koel )
Kadambini Hindu Clouds
Kadee Christian A form of kady
Kadence Christian Rhythm
Kadi Christian A form of kady
Kadie Christian Virtuous
Kadira Muslim Powerful
Kadisha Christian,
Kady Christian,
Kaelynn Christian A beautiful girl from the meadow, Beloved
Kaena Christian Praised
Kahini Hindu Young
Kaia Muslim Stability
Kaila Christian A stylish man
Kailey Christian Spunky
Kailla Christian A stylish man
Kailynn Christian A beautiful girl from the meadow
Kaishori Hindu Goddess parvati
Kaitlin Christian Pure-hearted
Kaitlinn Christian Pure
Kaitlyn Christian It is another name for Catherine.
Kajal Hindu Eye-liner
Kajjali Hindu Eye-liner
Kajol Christian Kohl
Kajri Hindu Cloud like
Kakali Hindu Chiping of birds
Kalaiselvi Hindu  
Kalaivani Hindu  
Kalaka Hindu Blue
Kalandhika Hindu Bestower of art
Kalanit Christian,
An anemon
Kalapi Hindu Peacock, nightingale
Kalapini Hindu Peacock, night
Kalapremi Hindu Art lover
Kalavathi Hindu  
Kalavati Hindu Goddess parvati, artist
Kaleen Christian Crowned wih laurel
Kaleena Christian Rowan tree
Kaley Christian,
Kalie Christian One who provides comfort
Kalii Christian One who provides comfort
Kalika Hindu Flower bud
Kalila Muslim Sweetheart, Beloved, Sweet, Lovable
Kalilah Muslim Dearly loved
Kalina Christian Rowan tree, Unblemished
Kalinda Hindu Mythical mountains,Goal-oriented
Kalindi Hindu Yamuna river
Kalista Christian Most beautiful
Kaliyah Christian  
Kaliyan Hindu A beautiful and auspicious woman
Kalla Christian A princess ; lady
Kallee Christian A beautiful girl
Kalleen Christian Crowned wih laurel
Kalleigh Christian A beautiful girl
Kalley Christian A beautiful girl
Kalli Christian One who provides comfort
Kallie Christian Beautiful
Kallista Christian Pretty,Bright-eyed
Kalliyan Hindu A beautiful and auspicious woman
Kallyn Christian Laurel
Kalpana Hindu Imagination
Kalpanadevi Hindu  
Kalpini Hindu Night
Kalpita Hindu Imagined
Kaltha Christian Marigold, yellow flower
Kalyani Hindu Blissful, fortunate, also cow
Kalyann Hindu A beautiful and auspicious woman
Kalynda Hindu Of he sun
Kama Hindu Beloved, Hindu God of love
Kamadha Hindu Granting desires
Kamakshi Hindu One With Lotus Like Eyes
Kamala Hindu Perfection, Interesting
Kamalakshi Hindu One with lotus like eyes
Kamalam Hindu  
Kamalika Hindu Goddess lakshmi, lotus
Kamalini Hindu Lotus
Kamalkali Hindu The bud of a lotus
Kamana Hindu Desire
Kamatchi Hindu  
Kameela Muslim Most perfect
Kamika Hindu Desired
Kamila Muslim Perfect
Kamilah Muslim Desires, Perfect
Kamilla Muslim Perfection
Kamini Hindu A sensuous, beautiful woman
Kamitha Hindu Desired
Kammi Christian Young attendant
Kamna Hindu Desire
Kamnika Hindu Beautiful
Kampana Hindu Unsteady


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