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Baby Names starting with "S"

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The most popular names starting with A in the U.S. are currently Amelia, Ava, Abigail, Avery, Aria, Alexander, Asher, Aiden, Anthony, and Andrew.

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Some recent celebrity baby names starting with A include:
Abram Shay Mooney, son of Shay Mooney and Hannah Billingsley
Arlo Cook, son of Julia Stiles and Preston J. Cook
Axton Anders Cuevas, son of Mark Cuevas and Aubrey Rainey
Airr Larry Petrakova Parker, son of Candace Parker and Anya Petrakova
Abel Jacob Bowen, son of Olivia Bowen and Alex Bowen
Aoife Beatrix Sullivan, daughter of Chris Sullivan and Rachel Sullivan
Augustine Boone Foehner, son of Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner
Aire Webster, son of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
Adyn Aubrey Johnson, son of Taylor Townsend
Adelaide Meyers, daughter of Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe
Axel Lee Spratt, daughter of Dalen Spratt and Stacey Nicole Lee

Name Religion Meaning
Saabira Muslim Patient
Saachi Hindu Truth
Saadiya Muslim One who is fortunate ; lucky
Saadiyah Muslim One who is fortunate ; lucky
Saaliha Muslim Good; useful
Saalima Muslim Safe; healthy
Saamiya Muslim Elevated; lofty
Saana Hindu  
Saania Hindu A moment in time preserved
Saaniya Hindu A moment in time preserved
Saaniyah Hindu A moment in time preserved
Saanvi Hindu Godess laxmi
Saanya Hindu A moment in time preserved
Saara Christian A princess ; lady
Saarah Christian A princess ; lady
Saasha Christian A helper and defender of mankind
Saatvika Hindu Calm
Saba Jewish,
Old, Aged, Morning star, Morning breeze, Easterly
Sabana Christian  
Sabeena Muslim From the name sabine an italian culture
Sabina Christian Desirable
Sabira Muslim Having great patience
Sabirah Muslim Patient, Enduring
Sabita Hindu Beautiful sunshine
Sabitha Hindu  
Sabiya Muslim Eastern wind
Sabnam Hindu  
Sabra Christian,
Substantial, Cactus, Prickly pear
Sabreen Christian A short form of sabreena
Sabreena Christian A form of sabrina
Sabrena Christian A form of sabrina
Sabria Muslim  
Sabrie Muslim One who is patient
Sabrina Christian,
Sabrinna Christian A legendary princess
Sabryna Christian A form of sabrina
Saby Muslim A lovely young lady
Sachi Jewish Girl
Sachita Hindu Consciousness
Sadana Hindu  
Saddie Christian A princess ; lady
Saddiya Muslim One who is fortunate ; lucky
Sade Christian Sweetly singing
Sadee Christian A princess ; lady
Sadgati Hindu Liberation
Sadguna Hindu Good virtues
Sadhana Hindu The Sanskrit origin name means 'accomplishment, performance, worship or adoration'.
Sadhika Hindu Achiever
Sadhri Hindu Conqueror
Sadhya Hindu Perfection
Sadia Muslim  
Sadie Christian,
Charmer, Princess
Sadiee Christian A princess ; lady
Sadira Jewish Organized, Regulated
Sadiya One who is fortunate ; lucky
Sadiyah Muslim One who is fortunate ; lucky
Sadiyya Muslim One who is fortunate ; lucky
Sadiyyah Muslim One who is fortunate ; lucky
Safa Clarity, purity, serenity or pure child
Safaa Muslim One who is innocent and pure
Safah Muslim One who is innocent and pure
Saffa Muslim One who is innocent and pure
Safia Muslim The confidante , or pure one
Safina Muslim  
Safiya Muslim Untroubled; serene; pure; best friend
Safiyyah Muslim Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend
Sagari Hindu Of the ocean
Sagarika Hindu  
Sagaya Christian  
Sagnika Hindu  
Sahana Muslim Other name for goddess lakshmi; patience
Sahar Muslim Dawn, Morning
Sahara Jewish Moon
Saharra Christian Lord shiva
Sahasra Hindu  
Saheli Hindu A beloved friend
Sahithi Hindu  
Sahla Muslim Smooth; soft (ground); fluent; flowing style
Sahlah Muslim Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
Sahna Muslim Form; figure; complexion
Saiba Straight, pertinent
Saida Muslim Fortunate one, One who is happy, Happy girl
Saidah Muslim Happy, fortunate
Saige Christian A form of sage
Saihah Muslim Good, useful
Sailaja Hindu  
Saima Muslim A fasting woman
Saira Poetess, Princess, Traveler
Sairoopa Hindu  
Saisree Hindu  
Sajala Hindu Cloud
Sajili Hindu Decorated
Sajini Hindu  
Sajitha Hindu  
Sajna Hindu  
Sajni Hindu One who is dearly loved
Sakeena Muslim God-inspired peace of mind, tranquility
Sakinah Muslim God-inspired peace of mind, tranquility
Sakshi Hindu Witness
Sakura Christian Resembling a cherry blossom, Wealthy


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