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Baby Names starting with "V"

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The most popular names starting with A in the U.S. are currently Amelia, Ava, Abigail, Avery, Aria, Alexander, Asher, Aiden, Anthony, and Andrew.

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Some recent celebrity baby names starting with A include:
Abram Shay Mooney, son of Shay Mooney and Hannah Billingsley
Arlo Cook, son of Julia Stiles and Preston J. Cook
Axton Anders Cuevas, son of Mark Cuevas and Aubrey Rainey
Airr Larry Petrakova Parker, son of Candace Parker and Anya Petrakova
Abel Jacob Bowen, son of Olivia Bowen and Alex Bowen
Aoife Beatrix Sullivan, daughter of Chris Sullivan and Rachel Sullivan
Augustine Boone Foehner, son of Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner
Aire Webster, son of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
Adyn Aubrey Johnson, son of Taylor Townsend
Adelaide Meyers, daughter of Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe
Axel Lee Spratt, daughter of Dalen Spratt and Stacey Nicole Lee

Name Gender Religion Meaning
Vaachaspati Boy Hindu Lord of speech
Vaageesh Boy Hindu Lord of speech
Vaagiswari Girl Hindu One who is divine and powerful
Vaakpati Boy Hindu Great orator
Vaalmeeki Boy Hindu An ancient saint
Vaaman Boy Hindu Name of vishnu
Vaamdev Boy Hindu Name of a shiva
Vaanee Boy Hindu Speech
Vaani Girl Hindu Full of energy and life
Vaarshaney Boy Hindu Lord vishnu
Vaarush Boy Hindu One who is destined to win
Vaasanti Girl Hindu Spring festival, durga
Vaasavadatta Boy Hindu A name in sanskrit classics
Vaasu Boy Hindu One who provides shelter;Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vaasudeva Boy Hindu A divine light; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vaasuki Boy Hindu A celestial cobra
Vaatsyaayan Boy Hindu An author of old times
Vaayu Boy Hindu Wind
Vachan Boy Hindu Speech
Vachanpreet Boy Hindu One who holds onto promises; A true and noble being
Vachaspati Boy Hindu Lord of speech
Vachasya Boy Hindu One who is a good orator
Vachi Girl Hindu One who binds everyone; Another name of Goddess Lakshmi
Vachya Girl Hindu Forthright and candid; Another name of Goddess Sita
Vadamalaiyan Boy Hindu One who destroys evil; Another name of Lord Hanuman
Vadin Boy Hindu Speaks well
Vadish Boy Hindu Lord of the body
Vadivel Boy Hindu A holy and precious one; One of the names of Lord Murugan.
Vadivukarasi Girl Hindu Leader of the assembly of people; Another name of Lord Ranganatha
Vagdevi Girl Hindu The goddess of speech ( saraswati)
Vageeshwari Girl Hindu One who is blessed and sacred; Another name of Goddess Saraswathi
Vagindra Boy Hindu Lord of speech
Vagini Girl Hindu One who is a good orator
Vagish Boy Hindu God of speech ( lord brahma)
Vagisha Girl Hindu One who is potent; Another name of Goddess Saraswati
Vagishan Boy Hindu Lord of the mountains; Another name Of Lord Shiva
Vagishwari Girl Hindu Saraswati
Vahar Boy Muslim A tide of Spring
Vahbiz Girl Zoroastrianism The one bestowed by God.
Vahida Girl Muslim An individual person existing alone
Vahin Boy Hindu Lord shiva
Vahini Girl Hindu Flowing
Vaibhav Boy Hindu Prosperity
Vaibhavi Girl Hindu  
Vaibudh Boy Hindu One who is like divine; Belonging to the Gods
Vaidehi Girl Hindu The name refers to Goddess Sita.
Vaidyanaath Boy Hindu Master of medicines,
Vaiga Girl Hindu  
Vaijanti Girl Hindu Name of flower ( lord vishnu's favourite)
Vaijantimala Girl Hindu Lord vishnu's garland
Vaijayanti Girl Hindu A garland of lord vishnu
Vaijayantimala Girl Hindu A garland of lord vishnu
Vaijayi Boy Hindu Victor
Vaijeenath Boy Hindu King of life and death; Another name of Lord Siva
Vaijnath Boy Hindu Lord shiva
Vaikartan Boy Hindu Name of karna
Vaikha Girl Hindu Queen like; Another name of Goddess Parvathi
Vaikhan Boy Hindu Lord vishnu
Vaikundanathan Boy Hindu A mighty conqueror
Vaikundavasan Boy Hindu One who is crowned leader ;Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vaikunth Boy Hindu Heaven
Vaikunth-nath Boy Hindu Master of heavens
Vail Boy Christian,
Vainavi Girl Hindu Gold
Vainavin Boy Hindu Lord shiva
Vairaj Boy Hindu Spiritual glory
Vairaja Boy Hindu Son of virat
Vairamani Boy Hindu One who is the ruler of destiny; Another name of Lord Shiva
Vairat Boy Hindu Gem
Vairinchya Boy Hindu Lord brahma's son
Vairochan Boy Hindu An ancient name
Vaisaka Boy Hindu A season
Vaisakh Boy Hindu  
Vaishali Girl Hindu The Sanskrit girl name 'Vaishali' means 'the great'.
Vaishant Boy Hindu Quiet and shining star
Vaishanvi Girl Hindu One who adorns Lord Vishnu; Another name of Goddess Parvati
Vaishavi Girl Hindu Goddess parvati
Vaishnav Boy Hindu The devotee of lord vishnu
Vaishnavi Girl Hindu Goddess durga, ganga, tulsi
Vaishu Girl Hindu Wise and graceful; Another name of Goddess Lakshmi
Vaishvanar Boy Hindu One who is boundless and ubiquitous
Vaishvi Girl Hindu One who is pure in spirit
Vaishwaanar Boy Hindu Omnipresent
Vaishwanar Boy Hindu One who is boundless and ubiquitous
Vaisnavi Girl Hindu One who adorns and worships Lord Vishnu
Vaitafe Boy Christian A fountain of living water
Vaitheeswaran Boy Hindu Lord of the universe; Another name of Lord Brahma
Vaithi Boy Hindu Source of all avatars; origin of earth; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vaiwaswat Boy Hindu One of the saints
Vaj Boy Hindu Born with supreme strength
Vajasani Boy Hindu Lord vishnu's son
Vajendra Boy Hindu Lord indra
Vajra Girl Hindu Diamond, durga
Vajraang Boy Hindu Diamond bodied
Vajrabaahu Boy Hindu One with strong arms
Vajrabha Boy Hindu One who glitters like diamond
Vajradhar Boy Hindu Lord indra
Vajrahast Boy Hindu Lord shiva
Vajrajit Boy Hindu Lord indra
Vajrakaya Boy Hindu Sturdy like metal, lord hanuman


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